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Participation TV sur M6 "Mon invention vaut de l'or"
Innovation vue sur M6
Participation TV sur M6 "Mon invention vaut de l'or"

The Fire Pit was selected to participate in the TV show "My invention is worth gold" in October 2017 on M6

Hello everyone,


I am Olivier Widehem, a 47-year-old self-entrepreneur living in Île de France. Following a vacation in Quebec a few years ago, I enjoyed a great evening around a Fire Pit ...Memorable evening!


When I returned to France, I naturally asked myself the following question: Why not make my own Fire Pit and try to market it? I have worked extensively on the project to find a good compromise between the friendly side of the campfire and the barbecue we all enjoy. And it is in 2017, after having passed multiple quality controls that the final prototype of the Fire Pit was realized.


Following videos posted on the net, I was contacted by the M6 ​​group to participate in the show "My invention worth gold" (released in October 2017). Thanks to this, I was able to highlight the qualities of my product to the general public of the fair of Paris but also to participate in the famous competition Lépine. A diploma of honor was given to me by the jury.And it is at the end of December 2017, after having received the necessary conformity report (NF EN 1860-1) in order to guarantee an optimal safety of use, that the production and the sale could then begin.


This adventure will have allowed me to meet other auto-entrepreneurs and various companies in the fields of gardening and decoration.Thanks to this network, I decided to widen my range of products put on sale on this site. I hope you enjoy them as much as me! I am at your disposal for any questions you would like to ask me about these products.


Thank you for your visit !

Diplome concours Lépine  pour innovation Fire Pit barbecue
Participation TV sur M6"Mon invention vaut de l'or"
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